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Digital marketing and how to get more leads online

Getting more leads online can be very powerful. Digital marketing is very important when getting more leads online. This article covers digital marketing and the 7 main techniques to use.

Does digital marketing work?

I wanna clear up one thing before getting into the details of digital marketing. DIGITAL MARKETING WORKS…… the marketing industry has a bad reputation as a lot of people feel like they are eligible to market for businesses without prior experience. There are very reputable marketing firms and case studies that show digital marketing is the most important aspect in growing your sales in 2020.

Is digital marketing expensive?

Yes and no, i’m sure one of the most common deterrents in 2020 is the cost of these services and the discrepancy in information provided by firms. When starting out you should consider how much you are comfortably able to spend, how many clients would it require to make a return on your investment? Whether you are hiring a firm or going at it by yourself those are important questions to consider. If you choose to have a professional help you please make sure they are able to work with your budget and understand what type of ROI you are expecting. In conclusion working based off diligent research and understanding your goals will help you allocate the right budget.

What are some types of digital marketing?

Let’s start by defining what digital marketing is? Simply put its anything you do to obtain clients via the internet hence the digital. Some types of digital marketing are:

Pay per click (PPC)

PPC is when you are paying a third party company to drive traffic to your website or app, or getting you phone calls or emails. The top ranked PPC platforms are Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

  • Google Ads: Customers pay to get top slots on Google when a relevant search is performed relating to their business. The pay per click happens when a someone clicks your sponsored search result. You pay per click on your sponsored search result. For example, lets say a HVAC company wants to be ranked #1 for HVAC companies in Los Angeles California. They will create a search engine advert that will be displayed as the top result when some searches “HVAC companies in Los Angeles California”.
The companies that are running Google PPC campaigns can be seen in the screen shot.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is the method used to gain free traffic to your blog or website by ranking higher in searches when people search content or businesses like your own. You must optimize your website to please algorithms set by search engines such as Google and Bing. This will allow you to grow free organic traffic. This can be very powerful when done correct and will give you free traffic and exposure. Search engine reward good content and websites by placing them higher in search ranks to allow their users optimal search experience. The 3 main aspects of SEO are:

Main types of SEO

  • On page SEO: This is essentially centered around what is on your website. The content matters and search engines pick up on the readability, grammer, and keywords in your content. This allows them to distinguish the quality and relevance of the content. By having high volume keywords you will allow yourself to move up in the search engine results pages or SERPS.
  • Off page SEO: Your ranking is is based on variables not on your actual website or blog. Some of these variables include backlinks aka the reputation of your website or blog. This is when other sites and blogs link back to your content. This shows search engines that the content you are providing is relevant and deserving of a top spot on Google or Bing. The authority of these users matters when they link back to your page. We are more than happy to help answer any detailed questions, just fill out our form!
  • Technical SEO: Primarily focused on the back-end of your webpage or blog. Search engines are able to see code structure, image compression, errors, broken links, and most importantly PAGE SPEED. How fast your website loads matters and Google will only push sites that allow users a fast and seamless experience. A great tool to use is the free Google PageSpeed Insights Tool.
Google Pagespeed Insights Tool

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

This is the same concept as PPC as this is not an organic form of traffic. Google charges businesses to promote products and services online via search result ads and by posting ads on other websites and Google products. You are still paying using the PPC pay per click model.

Content Marketing

This refers to creating content via blogs, videos, ebooks, webinars, and etc and promoting it to generate interest. Your customer is informed and educated about your product or service and showcases your expertise in your field. Customers are much more likely to purchase from a trusted business and content marketing helps build trust. A few examples of content marketing are:

  • Videos: Showcasing your service or product via video may be the best approach to demonstrate a product or service accurately.
  • Blogs: Being able to showcase your expertise in your field is very powerful. Customers want to buy from a business who is reputable and knowledgeable. Blogs also allow you to get free organic traffic to your page.
  • Ebooks: Providing a free ebook to customers is a great sales tactic that help them in the consideration process. This can be used to build trust, provide detailed information, and sell them on your business.

Email Marketing

Email is still a very powerful and useful method when reaching your prospects. Many methods can be used to capture emails and build a email list to send content directly to users inboxes. Lets breakdown the two key methods when marketing via email.

  • Inbound: This is when you have a understanding of your prospects and know they are interested in your services. Inbound email marketing prospects often come via forms or capture tactics placed via ads or on your website or blog. A customer who has requested to learn more or be contacted is an example.
  • Outbound: When you are contacting users who do not know your business or have shown no interest can be considered outbound email marketing. You are using analytic tools and building email lists of targeted clients who MAY need your services or products but have had no interaction with your business prior to your outreach. This can also be considered cold emailing and yes the stigma with this technique is justified. Companies sometimes do abuse cold emailing and tend to annoy people. The FTC has strict guidelines on how you can perform outbound email campaigns and a business must follow those guidelines.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is great and growing more powerful each day. This is great news for businesses as having a digital presence will go a long way. Availing this to your advantage is powerful and having a social media account for your business is key. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Reddit are all great places to start. Allowing your business to interact with clients, promote services and products, and becoming a brand that people recognize online will take your sales to the next level. We are able to offer a free business consultation and a social media scan is included to help you determine what you can do better.

What type of digital marketing approach should I use?

This is the most important factor when choosing your digital marketing strategy. Your business needs should dictate your approach, and not all methods may be required to obtain results. For example a coffee shop may not have the same approach as a HVAC contractor. A product may use affiliate marketing to get customers on their page to make a purchase, whereas a service based business may use it to get sign-ups. The most important factor is understanding business needs and what approach is compatible with what your business does. At MTC we are able to provide a free business consultation to help you understand what will work and why? Key point being that understanding why? Why will this work with my business and will it be effective. In conclusion businesses do not fit into cookie cutter marketing packages! Each business has its own unique variables and every successful digital campaign begins with accepting that fact.

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