Digital Sales Funnels! Innovation Is Key

Let me guess? Tired of wasting time and money utilizing outdated marketing tactics? You are in for a treat, we will go over a great strategy that automates your lead generation and saves you money. Digital sales funnels are a great way to automate your marketing process.

What exactly do we mean by digital sales funnel? They are a great way to drive traffic towards your product and get more qualified leads. Digital sales funnels consist of lead generation and nurturing using automated marketing strategies. The best part is that it’s all automated and various software solutions work together. Furthermore, product or service based businesses can both utilize this tactic.

The Digital Sales funnel works this way:

Offer a lead magnet    – Digital sales funnels start with an offer that is giving away something of value. The more valuable the lead magnet, then the more your potential customer will be willing to offer you some personal information in return.

Send a content upgrade  – This is a piece of content you use to reengage people who have downloaded your lead magnet. The content upgrade should be more educational and have a goal of nurturing the prospect towards your product or service.

Sell Digital Products  – Digital sales funnels need to have a goal of selling something or asking for an action. This could be as simple as creating a lead magnet and then asking for a sale. Digital sales funnels in essence are just increasing your online marketing efficiency and increasing the number of leads you get online.

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